Small Businesses

We work with small businesses with revenues all the way up to $10,000,000 in the industries of owner-managed businesses, professionals, construction, real estate, aerospace, forestry, manufacturing, and health care.

Stewart and Jordan have a combined experience of over 20 years working with small businesses and we are well-equipped to prepare year end financial information (compilations, reviews or audits) and tax filings, advise and consult on projects or business best practices, or assist with your finance and bookkeeping needs.

Our involvement with our clients range from weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually depending on clients' specific needs and we're happy to assist clients throughout the year as needed.

Not-For-Profit Organizations

We work with a multitude of not-for-profit organizations (NPO) such as registered charities, societies, churches, independent schools, associations, unions, districts, and colleges. Providing audit, taxation, bookkeeping and consulting services, we understanding the unique areas of T3010 charity return filing, fund accounting, government reporting requirements (ES Audits and SOPSOC).

Stewart and Jordan are both involved in leading our NPO services group. Having played a variety of roles with many different NPO organizations such as external auditor, internal auditor, treasurer, and consultant, our team has advised clients on governance and operational challenges and provided audit and bookkeeping services to NPO organizations both large and small.


Indigenous Communities

We work with many indigenous communities, businesses and status individuals providing audit, taxation and consulting services. With our understanding of the many frameworks required by Indigenous communities to report to such as public sector accounting standards (PSAS), Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) reporting, CMHC Section 95, and BC First Nations Gaming Revenue Sharing along with our understanding of Section 87 of the Indian Act, we can effectively service our Indigenous clients whether it's audit, tax, or consulting.

Stewart Stolz leads our Indigenous services group. Having worked internally with a First Nations community as Director of Finance and worked with one of Canada’s largest accounting firms in the field, Stewart has advised clients on taxation matters and business structures, provided audit services to communities and economic development entities. In addition, through our network of external consultants, we’re able to draw upon specialized personnel to meet the needs of our Indigenous clients.

Churches and Local Ministries

We work with churches, Ministries and regional conferences across the country to meet their internal and CRA reporting obligations. For some churches we perform full financial statement audit engagements while for other churches we only compile year-end financial statements and carry out carry out specified audit procedures as instructed by their internal policies. The final step is filing their T3010 charity return.

Jordan Gallant leads our church services group. Having worked internally as Director of Auditing Services with a regional conference in one of the world’s largest church organizations, Jordan has internally-audited hundreds of churches and schools, advised them on governance and operational policies, and filed their charity returns and applications for their initial charity registration.

Private Schools

We work with both individual private schools and groups/school authorities to provide bookkeeping services, preparation and audit engagements for both the Statement of Per Student Operating Cost and Eligible Student filings for the Ministry of Education and annual filings of T3010s.

Jordan has extensive knowledge in the Education field in BC as he was the Auditing Services Director for 14 schools for over 5 years as well as performing audit engagements for private K-12 schools across Canada for an additional 3 years.

Individuals, Families and Trusts

Personal Tax

We prepare annual tax returns ranging from simple to complex, involving business operations, employment expenses, rental operations, investment transactions and more so that you understand your tax return.

Family Tax Services

We prepare tax returns and advise on tax strategies for families that share business operations, are planning for retirement or looking at investment options.

Trusts and Estates

We provide final return and estate return preparing and filing for deceased taxpayers. We are available to advise you on tax matters and planning related to end of life.